My Universal Truth Number One: The Creation is proof of the Creator; Everything has a creator; And everything created has a purpose."

I came across this statement online - "We can not observe an "Intelligent Designer" and it doesn't take a scientist to arrive at this conclusion"

The person making this statement is clever in crafting the statement, but it is as absurd as any I have ever heard, - we can't observe "nothingness or something coming into existence from nothingness" -  yet this person claimed to be a 'theist'. In my experience that is a sign of an atheist posing as something he is not. So I have doubts this is person is a theist from the all too familiar ring of atheist rhedoric.

My Universal Truth Number Two: "True science is the discovery of the creation, not a disproving of the creator."

You can't prove a computer exists by just describing the mechanism - it is the intangible software that makes it function (not to mention someone has to first program and then maintain it, plus there’s commonality of parts); Ergo, you can't prove a person exists merely by the science of the human body, the human software must be considered, the intangible soul. And gee, what animates animals? They all have brains, and some seem more intelligent, some more functional - is that “evolution” or signature of common design?